Who we are

Who Are We? Agriturismo Re-Piano is run by an Italian/ Dutch couple: Antonella and Dick.

Languages spoken are Italian, Dutch, English and Russian.

Antonella tells us about what the Argiturismo Re-Piano means to her:

“I was born here.

The house was built around ‘900, it was much smaller on one level and had a central elemement to it. The house was called “Casetta”, which means “Little House”. A farmer called Tabaco used to live here and beside him lived the cattle. The house has changed a lot since those times, it has been enlarged and another level has been added. The property passed from one person to two families.

I knew the Casetta very well when I was growing up because I always used to play with the two boys who also lived here, we were more or less the same age and I only learnt to play with dolls much later in life.

A lot of time has passed since 40 years ago when a little girl who lived above the lake filled a plastic bag with a little of the land to take away with her. My parents made a decision to move into the village and take me with them.

To be honest it was not my parents, but the times of change that sent them to the village (now those times are stagnant – what a difference). People abandoned the countryside because working the fields became too much hard work, they exchanged this life for a secure wage working in a factory.

Myself “as a little girl” I was born there and I was never able to imagine anywhere else that I could call home and now I can say, that for very many years, I did nothing but miss that home. In that house I shared joy and fear, and in these places fantasy and immagination play a very important role.

Goodbye to starry nights, dusks with long shadows to play in, goodbye to my imaginery friends that I used to play with. I cried a river when we left with out fiat 500, I have still never cried that much since the day we left.

Much later on in 1990 I returned to the “little house” with my husband Dick who is Dutch.

We fell in love with the sky and the beauty of the landscape, which I knew well, but I saw it all again through his eyes and like those who are young and in love and without asking a lot of questions, we bought the farm from one of the 2 owners.

It was like a promise of love.
In this place you forget about all the material things and you stay in contact with the earth, the smell and everything that grows becomes that for which you live. With all the changing seasons, each one distinctive and rich with intense and diverse emotions, is born the need to share all this with others.

I love this land and if you don’t feel this, how can you transmit this feeling to others?
To share your experience of FEELING WONDERFUL in these special places with others who come to say.
The TOURISTS who come to stay in these magical places are very SPECIAL. The silence is deafening for some and you’re almost forced to find yourself and listen to your inner-self. What psychoanalysts or psychiatrists, the spirit needs to pause and find peace.


Also to know how to listen even with your eyes closed. THE ESSENCE OF A HOLIDAY for me this is RE-PIANO”.


Agriturismo Re Piano
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