The Territory Located in the green hills of the Tuscan Romagna countryside in an enchanting landscape.

The road leading to Re-Piano is well known for the route of the Tour of Italy and is a natural training ground for the champions of Italy and beyond.

It is located near the Casentinesi Forest and the Vena Del Gesso Park.

From here you can take walks on marked trails in the woods, either on horseback, by foot or on a mountain bike, climbing up to 1000m above sea level, these heights can also be reached by car along dirt roads in excellent condition, that overlook beautiful views and in the summer allow you to enjoy an unexpected coolness.

For more information and organised trips visit www.parcoforestecasentinesi.it or for paleontological interest visit “vena del gesso” www.venadelgesso.it.

Agriturismo Re-Piano – distances:


Modigliana is the home of the Agriturismo.

The historic and religious monuments of this village are countless.

The first evocative things that tourists meet with are the early medieval period, such as the Rocca dei Conti Guidi: “The Roccaccia” at the beginning of the last century a big vertical gash caused the collapse of half of the west wing, presenting a cross-section view of the enormous interior rooms and indeed has come to enhance its sense of greatness.

Modigliana is also rich with other historical structures: the ancient Piazza Pretorio with the art gallery, the historical and ancient buildings; the “Lady Bridge” dating back to the eighteenth century with its characteristic structure of a humpback; “Tribune” a singular aspect that consists of two towers that defined the entrance to the castle; the “Convent of the Capuchins” located on the site of the first Roman settlement in the area. At Modigliana famous people were born: Don Giovanni Verita (1807-1885) famous for his liberal ideas and his great friendship with Giuseppe Garibaldi, who came through these streets to escape the Austrians; Silvestro Lega – Painter (1826-1895), among the leading exponents of the movement of macchiaioli; Pia Tassinari, soprano (1903-1995); Alfeo Gigli musician and composer.

Not forgetting the group of partisans led by Silvio Corbari: Spazzoli, Casadei and Iris Versari. Throughout the year there are many events that call to the villagers (modiglienesi) and strangers.

Among these are:

  • Zoc and Nadel: from 24th December to 6th January.
  • Sangiovese in festival: 4th weekend in April.
  • Multiethnic dinner: 2nd or 3rd weekend in June.
  • Festival of the ‘800 – Tableau Vivants 3rd Sunday of September.
  • Kiwi Festival and more….. Festival of the forgotten fruits: 3rd Sunday in November.

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